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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedding Week: The Ceremony

We knew we wanted a few things when we started planning our wedding ceremony. We knew we wanted it outside, we wanted J's dad to officiate, and we knew we wanted to write our own vows. Other than that, and other than J wanting to walk away to the Star Wars Theme song, we had very little we needed. Just the two of us, vowing to be together for the rest of forever. That is all we needed.

We were a little nervous planning an outside ceremony in Michigan in July, fearing 110% humidity with a heat index of 105. Or worse, rain. Well, after arriving in Michigan mere days before the big day, the second nightmare seemed a bit more likely. It was a cold and wet summer for Michigan, and we started to worry that our guests would get rained on or would freeze.

We had nothing to worry about.

The clouds were in and out all day, but as J puts it "As soon as my bride walked out of the barn, the clouds parted and the sun shone down on the whole ceremony." It was perfect. 70 degrees and sunny.

My family (new and old) proceeded me down the isle. As Cannon in D started, down the isle went my groom and his groomsmen. As the nerves were building, my girls went out the door. Finally, it was my turn. I took my brothers arm, took a deep breath, and walked out to my future.

I wish I could remember more of the ceremony, but all I can remember is a feeling. I remember this elation of happiness. It was joy, peace, love, and puppies all in one. We had some laughing and some crying. J's sister Rebecca read an untitled piece from an unknown author, reminding us to remember the feelings we had that day, and to call upon them when we faced trouble. And we have.

Some moments were excitement beyond belief.

Others were more touching than I could have imagined.

More often than not, it was just the two of us (or so it felt).

And it all finished with a kiss.

A better day than even I could have planned.

And yes, we did our recessional to Star Wars.

Now, it was time to party. Tomorrow: the reception.

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