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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Key.

Well, I know this has been done. Over and over again. But honestly, when I thought of this, I thought I was so creative and smart, because I had never seen anything like this before. And then I stumbled upon it here. And here. And so many other places it made me feel like I was the one to discover the Olsen twins-- in 2002. It's everywhere.

But, that does not make me love it any less. I figure, we will be moving a lot. A whole lot. And this is a fun way to remember each house we've called home. So without further adieu (is that the right word??) here is my key art:

It was a very simple project which took me all of 10 minutes, 8 of which were deciding which of the two frames I had to use. All I used was a frame (with a little room between the glass and the "picture"), a small bit of card stock, a pen, a hot glue gun, and one of our keys (I'll have to make another copy asap, so J can still get into our house... just kidding, it was our "Oops, we're locked out" key. So lets not get locked out). Easy Peasy.

Anyone else have cool ways to remember your home? We're all about keeping the military life simple around here, but I just can't help but feel a little giddy when I think about the giant collection of key art we will have when we finally settle in one place. What do you think, an easy enough project for you?

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The Laginess Family said...

I love this idea! A tradition we started was taking a family photo with the "Welcome to..." sign in each city. I love that we will be able to see our family grow from one place to the next and if I get my way, we'll have a new baby each time we move! Kidding...well, sort of! =)

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