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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Babies Galore!

I've been very busy making babies the past few weeks.

Now, kindly please get your mind out of the gutter of Babies 'R Us, and into the doll making scene. I've featured these cutie pie little dolls before, and I've been at it again. I got the pattern from Bit of Whimsy (I cannot take credit for that, unfortunately, but check this girl out, because she has some really cool patterns) and I have to rave about how easy it is. So easy.

I had my first custom doll order from a girl named Roxi. You see, she was turning six years old and requested a doll with purple hair, blue eyes, and a pink and purple dress. I was up to the challenge. Here is a picture of Jon, Roxi, Roxi's brother Gib, and I after the adoption.

And of course, you remember Jo. That sweet little girl just had her first birthday, and I decided it was high time she owned a doll (instead of the million trucks, tractors, cars, and airplanes she borrows from her brother). Here we are on my last day of work.

And if you want a close up (of Jo's baby, I was sure I took a picture of Roxi's baby too, but I can't find it. Oh well.):

So there you have it! I really like these dolls, and they are so easy to make. Except for stuffing the arms. That is not fun. What do you think?


The Laginess Family said...

These are super cute!! Nice work! Why don't we leave closer to one another!? We could swap crafts & go into business with all things handmade =)

Mallory said...

Thanks Holly! I often think that it would be so great to live closer to you! Too bad we didn't get Mississippi for flight school. Oh, and Lucy is adorable!

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