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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My latest craft

So this little girl started out as a present for a baby I know, but I decided to keep her and make a new one. I thought this doll made a good practice doll. Jon keeps calling her Mildred, so I guess her name is Millie.

I have been very into crafting, making art, and redoing furniture lately. I am always excited when it warms up and dries up our driveway so I can get outside to work on furniture. Right not I'm trying to finish re-finishing our dining room table. After that is done, I have a dresser and two nightstands (that cost us a total of $30. Yep.) that I want to redo. Plus all sorts of little arts and crafts I have on my list. I'll post pictures as I finish them all.

Also! I just made a pair of capri's out of a pair of jeans I didn't like, hemmed up a skirt, and took in two shirts! I feel so productive!

1 comment:

AJD. said...

She's so cute!!! I'm glad you decided to keep her. You'll have to show us what the next one looks like, though...

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