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Thursday, December 22, 2011

London Calling.

Well hey there. It's been a while. 

There are so many things to share. So many things to talk about, so many pictures to show.
But we're just going to jump right back into this, how does that sound?

It's the 22nd of December, Christmas is in just three days. Snow is gently falling from the Oklahoma sky (a Christmas miracle) and we are completely in the spirit of the season. And a big part of that? Well, that would be our Christmas present.

You see, Jon and I don't buy each other Christmas presents, aside from the odd stocking stuffer, and a pair of pajamas for Christmas Eve. Instead, we like to buy one big thing (usually to pimp out the house - yes I did just say "pimp out"), together. The first year of our marriage we bought a memory foam queen mattress (heaven). Last year we got ourselves a fantastic Nikon D3100 (love it). This year, we are getting ready to move - so we couldn't think of anything we wanted to buy, seeing as though we have no idea what our house will be like when we get there.

So instead, we snuck away. On a trip. A much needed vacation (we haven't been on one since our honeymoon, two and a half years ago). A year of pilot training had worn us both thin and we needed to get away. Relax. Unplug.

Therefore, while telling as few people as possible, we snuck to The United Kingdom. We flew Space Available (another topic for another day, but basically - FREE flight) to Mildenhall RAF in Mildenhall, England. And it was amazing.

We did not know if there would be a flight for us until the morning of our departure. I guess you get what you pay for there. We had packed our bags the night before, making sure to pack up the right stuff for England OR Colorado (our backup plan). We went to bed, with visions of KC-135's dancing in our head, and woke up at 6am to call McConnell AFB with bated breath.

They had a flight. We had 6 hours. We had to get there, to get our name on the list, so we would get priority. And we did it.

(Note: Space Available and our journey to/fro England is a much longer tale, which I will divulge at a later time. Need to save room for all the pictures of the queen in this post.)

We arrived at a picturesque Air Force Base, Mildenhall, at 8am, waited for customs to clear, sans passport (J, seriously. No passport. I grabbed his passport on the way out of the door in Oklahoma, and realized it was expired. Luckily, active duty military members enjoy certain perks. Like getting into the UK without a passport). 

We walked around base with our packs on (very european traveler) and rolling along our dockers suitcase (very American tourist). After a quick jolt of coffee, some free internet (used to book a hotel in London), and some travel advice from a Mildenhall worker, we took an expensive cab into Mildenhall Village to the bus station. 

The bus wasn't due for another 25 minutes, so we popped into the grocery store across the street to find some food. Didn't find any, but I found my dream slippers. I have, no joke, been looking for a pair of slippers just like these ALL fall/winter in America with no luck. The first store I walked into in England, a grocery store, had them. It's a sign! We didn't find any food.

We hopped on a bus to some airport, where we caught another bus to Victoria station in London. I attempted to navigate us around the streets on foot - which lasted 2 minutes. Hailed a cab who taught us tipping customs, insisted we must visit San Francisco and insisted not to visit LA, and drove us around in a few circles to get the fee round £10. 

We checked into our tiny - but nice - European hotel room, showered, dressed, and went out in search of food (not before asking for shampoo and soap - which was in the shower - and the free wifi password - "I'm sorry sir, we don't have free wifi"). 

We found a right cozy pub to grab a pint (J) and a hard cider (me) and a bit to eat (sausage platter and hummus). It was amazing. Whoever said the British food was rubbish was wrong. Let me tell you. Although, take that with a grain of salt, because the person telling you this is a fan of any restaurant with a cheeseburger on the menu. 

After sustenance, we went for a walk to Hyde Park to take in the Winter Carnival, which both smelled better and housed more well kept people than American fairs. We were ridiculously proud of our lack of jetlag as we made it back to the hotel by 10 for bed. 

Woke up at 11, hello jetlag. We shot out of bed and into clothes since this was our one full day in London and we had a lot to do. Grabbed breakfast at a small cafe around the corner (J had beans and steak and kidney pie, I had a tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich, and J's fries) and hit the double decker bus tour 'round Tourist London. 

Picadilly Circus

We got off almost immediately at Piccadilly circus, where did a little souvineer shopping, but didn't buy anything just then, because we thought there must be something better. Hopped on another double decker tour bus to ride for a short while, got off 4 stops later at Buckingham Palace. (!!!!! This is where the excitement REALLY started to hit me.)

Before visiting Harry and Her Majesty the Queen, we stopped just around the corner in the Queen's Gallery Shop for a souvineer or two, and bought some this time, because they were much better. A Christmas ornament, English tea, and two fantastic postcards (oil painting replicas of men on horses. My favorite, seriously). 

Next it was on to Buckingham Palace, took a million pictures, smiled like only a Prince Harry and British Monarchy loving American can. Unfortunately the queen wasn't in just yet. She must not have gotten the message we'd be popping by for tea. 

Next up on our busy day in London, we walked ourselves through St. James park because we could see The Eye - and we had tickets. It took a bit to get there, but that was alright because we got to see Big Ben up close and personal, Westminster Abbey (yes I pictured exactly where Kate got out and waved) and the houses of Parliament on the way. 


We jumped on The London Eye just in time to see the city all light up. It was a gorgeous 28 minutes, absolutely stunning. Tried to find a public restroom (didn't happen - we had heard that, but who knew it was SO true!), headed to Westminster Abbey just in time for evening prayer. 

That was neat. It was definitely very traditional, but SO cool to be there, where so many kings and queens have been before. We only saw a tiny portion on the church (probably only as far as David beckham and Posh Spice saw at the Royal Wedding) and got scolded for taking a photo on or way out. Whoops!

We decided to walk down the mall to pay visit to the queen again before we caught our bus back. That is when we realized the busses stopped at 5pm. Our bus would drop us only at Trafalgar Square. Not Hyde park, which was much closer to the hotel. So we were forced off by the River Thames to find out own way home. 

Back down the mall towards the palace, hello your highness. This was the time to test our sense of direction on the winding streets of London. The walk took about three times as long as it should have before I realized the maps at the bus stops don't point north. 

So after walking in dizzing circles, we found Zara, or as I like to call it, the most magical place south of Hogwarts. They shut off the music shortly after we walked in, which meant "Get the ruddy hell out, it's the end of the day." So we left without buying anything (which was only okay because there is a Zara in Edinburgh). 

On the way back to the hotel (again) we found a pub for our rumbling stomachs and dry throats (fried pickles to start, a burger for J and fish & chips for me, and toffee pudding for dessert. And not to mention my new favorite drink - a ginger fizz). Made it back to the hotel with no help from the bus tour map, and passed out from utter exhaustion. 

The next morning we woke up at 6:45, as there was no way jetlag was claiming two mornings. Breakfast was at a French cafe, Paul (side note, I have never had more mozzarella and tomato sandwiches in my life, but am addicted now - I've had 3 since I've been home), and tried fruitlessly to access on the Internet. We were changing cities that night, after all. Since that didn't happen, we were forced to grab a coffee at Cafe Nero so we could use their wifi to book a hotel in Scotland and check times for a train. 

Headed out for the bus tour, determined to get our moneys worth after the appalling effort we did yesterday (what can we say, we're much better walkers than riders). Again, we rode to Piccadilly, grabbed the souvineers that weren't good enough yesterday, and hopped on the big tour. Rode it for 2 hours and ran to the next stop when they decided to take a break while switching drivers. The next bus still wasn't there so we ran a little further before hopping in a cab (check out was noon, at this point it was about 11:52 and we were still miles from the hotel). We, thankfully, walked into our hotel with 2 seconds to spare before checkout, and thanked our lucky stars that we packed the previous night. 

After checking out and grabbing a photo, we hoofed it to the tour bus with to large backpacks and a rolling suitcase. Got to the stop we thought we could change lines, and turned out the line that ran to Kings Cross wasnt running. Sweet. We hopped on a different line, got off to a short walk to Kings Cross. Short wasn't as short as we'd hoped with pinched toes (me), but we made it. 

We went to buy tickets and found out we'd pulled a major muggle move by assuming Kings Cross would be the best way to Scotland. It wasn't. We had to walk about halfway back the way we'd just come to Euston Station and ran to the train (not without stopping for a Brie, tomato, and basil baguette first). The train was exactly what I expected, but smaller than I had hoped. And of course, it didn't help that we didn't realize there was a BIG luggage rack at the front of the car. We sat in our tiny seats with our huge backpacks for half the trip to Scotland.


And that was England. Next up, Scotland!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Years, Uno, + Breakfast in Bed.

My neighbor (for a few more weeks) is a fantastic wedding photographer, and I would know. Our two year anniversary just so happened to happen around the same time that she decided she needed a few models for her new film camera.

We volunteered. Happily.

Seriously, isn't she great?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crushin' on Jim & Pam

My latest obsession. The Office.
Specifically Jim and Pam.
Seriously. Obsession.
J jokes I woke up the other night whimpering:
"Jim and Pam... Jonathan..."

No spoilers please.
I already know lots of them, but we're only on season 3.

Who are you obsessing over?

Monday, July 18, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End.

I realize this post may come across nerdy. You may finally realize I am not some cool, Navy-Blue and white wearing girl. Instead, I am proud to say, I am a nerd.

When I say I am a nerd, what I really am trying to get to is the fact that I love to read. I've loved to read from the day Christine C. showed us all she could read the menu, and I, jealous, went home with the determined mind set that I could read the menu too. I was four.

And then someone very special entered my life. Over a decade ago. His name is Harry Potter. Harry introduced me to his friends Hermione and Ron, to dragons and thestrals, to charms and transfiguration, and to a world I would have done (and still would do) anything to join.

I was disappointed that I did not get a letter from Hogwarts on my eleventh birthday. I was saddened that my wand was just made from wood, with no core. But I was able to get past these low points by reading more and more of this magical world Jo Rowling had decided to share with us.

I have learned so much about goodness, kindness, friendship, love, and devotion from these books. You may laugh, you may scoff, but it is true that JK Rowling and Harry have taught me so much more than anyone could have.

When I read the epilogue of the seventh chapter to the Harry Potter series three years ago, I cried. I cried for the loss of some of the best friends I've ever had. I cried for the comrades who were lost in the book, and I cried for the happy, normal life HP and his wife were leading. I cried in gratitude for a book that got me through hard times, a story that entertained me, keeping me away from more questionable childhood activities, and a friendship that had lasted throughout moves and fights with others.

I always knew that last book would be hard for a crybaby like me to read. But it didn't dawn on me until just last week how hard the final movie would be. We were lucky, we had eight movies. Eight wonderful, frustrating (at times), and magical movies that would bring this book to life. But obviously that had to come to an end as well.

I won't go into detail about the movie, for those of you who haven't seen it. But let me just say this: I was not disappointed. It was excellent. Tear-inducing, heart rate raising, and it definitely caused a few butterflies. Go see it.

And, in true nerd fashion, I made J and I shirts for the finale. Using this tutorial.

So there you have it. I am a nerd. Whose with me?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

iPhone Week 18

Old photo of Duke.
(hotspot on his ear)
Love him.

I have a 4th of July after the fact post just WAITING to be written.
Stay tuned.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Boring Wardrobe Post

Dress: Old Navy, Scarf: H&M, Watch: Citizen
Cat: Grumpy.

What I wish I wore Wednesday:

Speaking of Wednesday's (you all remember Wednesday on my side of town is Wedding Wednesday), we've got a special day coming up! Sunday marks two years of marital bliss in the R. Simple Household. This year, I don't have time to recap the day in a whole week (in fact, I just realized I leave in less than 48 hours to go to Fort Worth). So instead... check it.

Now for the obligatory stuffing my advice down your throat (I don't care if you're already married). With a job like mine, and a big, giant wedding binder like mine, and a Brides subscription for 12 years like mine, it is SO easy to get caught up in the details. In the perfect wedding. And ours was perfect. But I have two pieces of advice for the brides and grooms to be.

1. Hire a cinematographer. Just do it. You'll be so happy you did. I didn't hire one, and it's my only regret.

2. Go on a gooooooood honeymoon. I know so many people who didn't get to go on one (thank you Air Force), but it was so much more amazing, so much more relaxing, and SO much more necessary than I thought it was going to be. WELL worth it. I would even say skimp on the wedding as much as you have to to get a good honeymoon.

Now I've got to go pack! What's your advice to the newly engaged, you old married ladies?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you Pin?

Do you Pin?

It's the best waste of time I've found since discovering blogs (and hey, that lead to a dream job). On it's most basic level, Pinterest is a giant photo sharing website, spanning different countries and continents. But it's like an ogre (layered like an onion).

When you Pin a photo, the link to the original source is saved with that pin. Which means, I don't have to figure out the best way to organize my Bookmarks on my Mac. And anything that allows me to completely ignore how to use a computer, but still use it, works for me.

You can hook up with your friends, business, or even just strangers who have the same interests, and see what they are pinning. You can rePin someone else's pin, or you can Pin directly from an outside website (like this blog for example. Haha).

It provides inspiration for my home, for my dinner, for my art, for my work, for my dog, for my clothes, for my life. It's such a great idea.

Do you Pin?

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down.

We've made it through another week, thankfully. This week was a night week, which means I had a husband hanging around the house in the morning, making it very hard to be as productive as normal.

It also means we ate out way too many times this week, due to 9pm home times.

But! It's the weekend now, and we have a crazy, exciting two days planned. Wood chopping, house cleaning, organizing, tennis, pool, and hopefully even a little of everyone's favorite wizard in there.

(Speaking of which, did you see this yet?!)

Before I say goodbye, who's ready to get married?!

This week, I worked in...

Have a phenomenal weekend! xoxox

Thursday, June 23, 2011

iPhone Week 17

Looks a little stormy?
Not even close to the tornadoes
that came through here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wedding Wednesday! Did you know that is what Wednesday is in my neck of the woods? (the wedding blogging neck)

But instead of showing you weddings, let's step into my wardrobe, shall we? (side note - I so wish I had a really pretty, old, antique wardrobe)

This is what I rolled out of bed looking like today (seriously, no gym yet, which means no shower):

Goddess, right? If it were a perfect world, I'd be wearing this today (maybe after the gym):

And, really if we're going there, if it would be a perfect world, I would be on my way to the ocean on a horse in 65 degree weather, about to go sailing with Annie.

What are you wearing today?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty In Pink

You know me. I'm all on the navy and white ship. Not one foot, but two. I've moved in, and call me sailor, because I'm here to stay.

But... let me just come out and say it. I'm a girl (duh). But I've never been one for pink. I've been one for golden, for mint green, for red, for navy and white - but never pink. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that you'd be hard pressed to find anything in my house that has that rosy hue.

So imagine my surprise when I recently discovered my draw towards hot pink. I'm not sinking in slowly with ballet pink or purpley pink, I'm diving right into the deep end of HOT PINK. Should I blame Pantone & Honeysuckle?

I've noticed on Pinterest (remind me I need to do a feature JUST on Pinterest - it's that awesome) that a few of my most recent pins have turned pink. Check it.

All images via Pinterest

What do you think, am I going of the rails on the crazy pink train? Or is it just a summer fling? Maybe you've had something like this happen to you - jumping across the color wheel. Explain to me what is going on!

Friday, June 17, 2011

TGI Fabulous Friday!

It's the end of the week, and I've wrapped up my Little Black Book features on the blog, so now it's time to share them with you! Have a fantastic weekend! xoxox

11 Pretty, perfect parties in:

iPhone Week 16

Well, since I've been absent, I've decided for the iPhone Photo of the Week this week, I'll try to make it up to you by posting not one, not two, and not even three photos - but FOUR photos (I think anyone two years and up could have seen that one coming. Thanks Gib for teaching me how to count to four).

Yep four. A C-17 stopped by our little neck of the wood yesterday, and BOY is that thing huge. Even though J does not really pine away at night, thinking about flying the C-17 (we're more C-21 or C-130 kind of peeps), we had to check it out. So...

I'll be back this afternoon with some love from SMP :)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mallory's Gettin Her Groove Back.

Do you hear that tap-tap-tapping of a keyboard? What is that, you ask? It's me! I'm back!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my unannounced leave of absence. I have been busy, working a bunch, running a bunch, laughing and eating and sleeping and cuddling a bunch. I feel like I've lost 6 hours of the normal day. My days now consist of 18 hours, and I have 24 hours of things to do.

Second of all, picture a raisin. But not just any raisin, the grossest, most shriveled little former grape in the box. The one you don't eat. The one you feed to your dog, because you don't think it will be yummy. That is how I've felt. My creativity, my computer time, my drive has all gone to my work. Don't get me wrong, I love love love my job, and that is why it's okay. But I have decided I need my creative outlet again. Even if I am a blogger for a living. I need this blog too.

And I think you might need it too, even if you're not willing to admit it.

We're going to start slow, and ease our way in. The pool is too cold to jump right in. So no home post, no wedding post, no big news post today. Just a list. A list of what I've been diggin. These are a few of my favorite things, kind of thing. So - lo and behold - this is my life these last few weeks.

1. Gilmore Girls. Love it again. Always have. Logan is my virtual boyfriend.

2. Running Shoes. With all tha'ts going down in China town lately, running is my BFF.

3. Pinterest. Do you Pin? It's awesome. Check it out.

4. Winter. I forgot how hot summer is. And how hard it is to wear sweaters.

5. Navy & White. Hey, I'm nothing if not predictable.

So I'm back, today is Wednesday, and my hair is still brown. I'm having fish and rice for dinner, I love my iPhone, and I miss Michigan this week. But I'm coming out of my creativity funk. I'm funkless.

Missed you.

pictures via DVD Set Shop, Pinterest, TinyWhiteDaisies

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Last Fabulous Friday of May

Memorial Weekend is upon us. Camping, swimming, BBQ-ing, and remembering will all be had this weekend by the Recors. I'll try to take some pictures whilst doing these things for a little show and tell session next week. But for now, I'll say farewell & have wonderful weekend! Stay Safe!

Weekly "Work" Round-up...

a New York City wedding film to die for

a fun, fun, fun rehearsal dinner + wedding in Idaho

a cute as American Pie inspiration shoot in Rhode Island

a sweet New York Army wedding

an adorable Pennsylvania affair

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