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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Week: The Proposal

With the first year of marriage (almost) behind us, I decided it would be fun to blog about our wedding this week. Look forward to the wedding party, the ceremony, the reception, and the honeymoon... but up first is: THE PROPOSAL.

First, let me start with a little back story. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for Disney (Thanks Grandma Mary!). I've loved all things Disney since before I was born. I went to D. World when I was 10 and got to sit on the throne next to Cinderella, highlight of my life, until now.

Fast forward to 2007. Jon and I started dating and it was not long before my love realized that he was second to Walt. Sure, J was happy to humor me by watching Cinderella with his 7 year old sister and I, but he was not into the Disney scene enough to take me back to the most magical place on earth. I assumed it was out of jealousy of my love for the mouse. J very firmly told me we were not going to Disney World until we had kids who could enjoy it.

Fast forward again, this time to January 30, 2009. I was under the impression we were going to Denver for my birthday, to eat at my favorite restaurant, stay at our favorite hotel, and maybe even visit the zoo. Little did I know, those were not the plans.

On the way down, I was allowed to open one gift. Inside was my camera. Not a new camera, the same camera I'd had for 2 years. Huh. Cheapo. But then, my little sneaky boyfriend told me to look at the first picture.

What? The next picture told me we were going to lunch at my favorite restaurant the day before my birthday. I didn't know what my bf was doing. Didn't he know that no restaurant would top this tomorrow? I wanted to come here, because it's my favorite restaurant. Good luck tomorrow, Mister.

After lunch, I followed a scavenger hunt of sorts which eventually told me J could not get reservations at "Our Hotel." (Uhh...) In fact, he could not get reservations at any hotel in Denver, or Colorado. (Okay, then where are you taking me? Nebraska?) Just as I read this last photo, our car swerved (was that a deer?) and pulled into the Denver International Airport. What?!

In an airport bar, I got to read this:

(I cried) And in case its still not clear to you, my little Prince Charming was taking me to the most magical place on earth for my birthday -- LONG before we have kids to enjoy it. So we hopped a plane to Orlando, rented a Minnie Van, got to the hotel REALLY late, slept five hours, and woke up with more excitement coursing through our my veins than Carrie Bradshaw at a Manolo sample sale.

I got my "It's my Birthday" pin at the gates, and of course the first thing we did was get our ears.

Then we rode Dumbo and visited the castle. And got lunch and met up with Snow White.

And of course, we rode the teacups, visited Minnie & Mickey, ate dinner, and made a wish in Snow Whites well.

After stopping by Cinderella's house, we settled in for the evening parade. We sat at the very edge of the sidewalk, surrounded by little girls in princess dresses, and little boys with Cars t-shirts. We were having the best time of our life.

After the parade was over (thankfully it was over, Peter Pan played a trick on us and Maleficent got really mad at us), we went to stand in line to get our picture taken (again) in front of Cinderella's castle. And it wasn't even my idea.

Well, funnily enough, we were next in line when the photographers camera broke. Yep. Broke. To me, it wasn't a big deal. We already had our picture in front of the castle. Sure it wasn't at night, but it was fine! J freaked. Pacing. Worrying. Basically being 100% NOT J.

It was all for nothing, however, because it took about 3 minutes for our photographer to fix her camera. I was all set for the picture, but here J is, talking to me. C'mon, doesn't he see the line of 50 people waiting for their turn? As I try to grab his arm to pull him to face the camera, this happens:

Yes. That is what I should have said. But nothing would come out. So I nodded. And my fiance should have put the ring on my finger, but he didn't. So I held the box. The box with the sparkly, sparkly ring in it. (I later told my fiance I couldn't see the ring at first. Due to the tears in my eyes all I could see was sparkles.) And then... the fireworks. And the cheering (the whole park was watching us get engaged, as we were standing right where the fireworks show was going to be).

Pretty awesome, huh? Yeah... I think I'll keep him.

Tomorrow we'll meet our wedding party.

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