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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Place to Dine.

When we moved to Colorado, we brought a lot of hand-me-downs (read: junk) with us. We were poor college kids, so it didn't feel all that wrong to have mismatched couches, silverware from 20 different kitchens, a cinder block under the bed (yes.), or this former garage dwelling table.

Now that we are young professionals (being a nanny IS professional), it feels a little sad to hold on to these college digs. Our wedding took care of the mismatched couches (we now have a wonderful L-shaped sectional in our living room), the silverware (one set!), and the cinder block is gone (we won't even go there). But, we still have THAT table.

Now, don't get me wrong, the table served its purpose. And to be honest, it really wasn't bad. But I'm a grown up now, and I want a grown up table. Is that too much to ask?? (Oh, and thank you MIL for the kitchen table! We totally loved it, and used it every night for dinner. We'll be so sad to see it go!)

Remember this?

It's our old refurbished NEW table! Well, almost. We found it at a garage sale when we were looking for kitchen chairs, oh, two years ago. The lady gave a great deal on the chairs ($20 for five chairs!) but only if we took the table too. DEAL.

When we walked away from that garage sale (well drove... we weren't about to carry five chairs and a table home walking) we had visions of a beautifully refinished table. We were going to do it all ourselves. This was going to be our first furniture project together. And we were going to do it now.

(Could someone please go kill those crickets???)

Well, like I said, that was two years ago, before I found my passion for all things DIY, and right in the middle of life, school, wedding planning, and working. So it sat in the garage for a year. Then we moved it into our new garage, where it sat for another year.

But finally... we are done (almost). We are going to have a beautiful kitchen table that we worked on together. Are you ready to see it??

You'll have to tune in next week. (Cue: maniacal laughter)


Tracey said...

I could always take that table you hate off your hands...just sayin'

Mallory said...

:-) I'll have a chat with J...

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