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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hell's Recors

Well after much consideration, we have decided to start a biker gang. So far, its just the two of us, but I foresee many a bar fight fought, jail time served, and hog riding ahead with our (soon to be) recruits.

Okay maybe not. But we did get bikes. Not motorcycles though, road bikes. And just to set the record straight, we will not be bar fighting, jail attending, or hog riding any time soon. (J wanted to make sure I clarified this doesn't mean he isn't allowed to bar fight, and if he feels the urge to do so, he may partake in bar fights.)

We got some pretty great wheels from my mom and Jon's parents (smootch! Thanks SO much you three!) as graduation gifts. We have plans to go on many Sunday (and Monday... and Friday... and Thursday...) rides together. Plus, this means we can be a one car family for a while longer (hooray!!). Double plus, we get a little work out getting from place to place! Sure, we don't get the oh-so-lovely radio (read that with a little sarcasm) of our car, but nothing beats the wind in my hair.

J and his Trek 1.1

Me and my Trek 1.1 WSD

Hopefully I don't get swallowed up by a tornado in Oklahoma.

(Oh, and due to the ridiculous amount of rain that was dumped on us this weekend, you will have to wait a few more days for the conclusion to our table post. Don't blame me, blame Colorado.)


Anastasia said...

I"M JEALOUS! I wan't one reallly bad

inhisgrip44 said...

I am so happy that you both got something you wanted, loved and can do together!! we Love you both!!

geckoj said...

I can be in the biker gang cuz of my new tat :-)

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