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Friday, June 25, 2010

How Should I Dresser?

We have a dresser that we found on the side of the road. We gave her a home.

It was supposed to be a temporary fix until we had the budget to adopt a new dresser from the store. It's been 11 months and this little lady has made her presence known. I've warmed to her. I actually want to keep her.

You see, she is real, solid wood. Not that stupid particle board they sell at the store. That stuff will fall apart the first time we move it. And we'll be moving a lot. And, she has good bones. Sure, she might have a huge gash out of the top of her, and her pulls might be a little outdated, but really, who are we to judge? Which one of us can say we don't have scars? Which one of us can say we don't still have that dress from 1999 hanging in our closet, just in case?

So instead of replacing her, I'm giving her a facelift. Dollin' her up a bit. But that is why I need your help. I cannot decide on the color! You see, I'm going to have to use a little too much wood filler to stain her a "wood" color, plus I feel like painting her will bring her into this century. But I can't decide. Red, yellow, gold? What about silver, white, or gray? I can't decide.

She lives in our bedroom, which to be honest, doesn't have much design to it anyway. The only thing I have to take into consideration is that my duvet has to stay.

So what do you think? Is red too Americana? Is yellow too University of Michigan? Is gold too "Mallory, stop with the gold already?" These are some of my favorite finishes:

And there are so many more that I love. Help! Whats your favorite color for dressers? What about this dresser? Is red too USA! or is it okay? What about yellow? Too mustard-y? What do you think we should do?


sprout said...

I know its not on your list, but i vote grey!

Mallory said...

Grey was my original idea, Jess! All right, one vote for grey.

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