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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Makeover Party!

Well, you may have noticed our blog has undergone a Summer makeover! I thought it was about time to spruce things up around here. You can't expect a girl who changed her major 5+ times in college to leave anything the same for too long.

Anyway, we made it home safely yesterday morning at about 2am. Both Jon and I had a blast and wanted to thank everyone for taking time out of their schedules to spend a lunch, dinner, or Saturday with us. We really miss everyone being 1,200 miles away. Although, I will tell you, we don't miss the humidity or the bugs. I'm pretty sure I have more bug bites right now than I have had in the last three years combined. So you can keep your bugs, Michigan.

I started my last month of work today, and I can not believe how big my little Jo is getting. Jon and I are getting all set to move to the Sooner state, so now's your chance to visit Colorado, hotel-free!

Like I said, it was so nice seeing everyone and spending time in Michigan. We love you all!


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Kirsty said...

Ha. I had to laugh at the comment about changing your major 5+ times in college. I was the same way! They finally suggested I just wait until my last year to declare a then I had two.

Thanks for following! I hope I can keep you entertained!

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