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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Boring Wardrobe Post

Dress: Old Navy, Scarf: H&M, Watch: Citizen
Cat: Grumpy.

What I wish I wore Wednesday:

Speaking of Wednesday's (you all remember Wednesday on my side of town is Wedding Wednesday), we've got a special day coming up! Sunday marks two years of marital bliss in the R. Simple Household. This year, I don't have time to recap the day in a whole week (in fact, I just realized I leave in less than 48 hours to go to Fort Worth). So instead... check it.

Now for the obligatory stuffing my advice down your throat (I don't care if you're already married). With a job like mine, and a big, giant wedding binder like mine, and a Brides subscription for 12 years like mine, it is SO easy to get caught up in the details. In the perfect wedding. And ours was perfect. But I have two pieces of advice for the brides and grooms to be.

1. Hire a cinematographer. Just do it. You'll be so happy you did. I didn't hire one, and it's my only regret.

2. Go on a gooooooood honeymoon. I know so many people who didn't get to go on one (thank you Air Force), but it was so much more amazing, so much more relaxing, and SO much more necessary than I thought it was going to be. WELL worth it. I would even say skimp on the wedding as much as you have to to get a good honeymoon.

Now I've got to go pack! What's your advice to the newly engaged, you old married ladies?


AJD ∞ said...

Advice? Hm. I would also say hire a photographer that you REALLY want to. There's no better way to look back on your wedding day than a really beautiful photo. Don't worry about the weather on your wedding day. This may be easier said than done, but it thunderstormed on my wedding day and it was AMAZING.

Annie said...

Oh I would just say squeeze Jacos butt at least once a day, on the days where you see him less squeeze it more. I think you'll both find this advice to be good.

Annie said...

By jaco I mean your newly engaged man*

Yellow Cat Studio said...

I love that dress, by the way! So pretty. It looks comfy too. I don't have any advice for engaged men and women...I don't see myself going down that path for a while. But if I were to say anything, it would be to make sure that they are marrying the person that makes them shine.

Love your blog!

tnk said...

Oh Hotdog! I like your advice...I don't have a cinematographer though...however, I think I will now go on an Alaskan cruise. xoxoxo

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