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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Week: The Reception

After the love fest that was our ceremony, it was time to let loose and have somefun. While our guests were enjoying a cool drink while wandering the grounds, my new husband, our party, and I were cheesin it up for the camera.

Good thing J's dad was there to remind us we had to make this thing official and sign some papers.

Next, it was into the barn for some food, drink, toasting and dancing.

The whole wedding party walked through an Air Force saber arch, a fun tradition.

Then it was time for speeches.

After dinner, J and I started off the evening with a bang. We danced to "Fever" by Michael Buble, and were super excited because we had taken secret dance lessons before the wedding. Unfortunately, before we got to show off any of our fancy feet moves, J stepped on the back of my dress, causing the bustle to rip. After that, any fancy dancing was dangerous, since we both keep slipping on my dress.


Attempting Fancy Feet...

And deciding to do our own thing, since Fancy Feet was a no go.

After that, we had our father/daughter and mother/son dances to Louie Armstrong and The Temptations, respectively.

And then, the party began. It was all a blur of dancing, gulping down water, more dancing, singing, hugs, and dancing from here. An AWESOME party, if I do say so myself. We weren't even mad when we walked through our (almost) empty dance floor on our way out and found a bridesmaid and an old friend dancing the Macerana, one of the very few "Do Not Play" songs of the night.

At the end of the night, we hopped into our taxi, drove to our hotel, and ordered a pizza. Seriously. People don't tell you that you really have no time to eat at your wedding. Or drink. I had half a glass of champagne, three glasses of water, and two bites of chicken all night.

Get ready for the honeymoon tomorrow!

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