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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Place to Dine: Part II

Finally. I know I talked about this table a while ago, promising pictures of the finished project. Well, I have learned two things from this post.

First, never promise a post of a project until it is done. This took quite a bit longer than expected, due to weather, polyurethane issues, and life. Next time I promise a post for the next day/week, I will already have the project done.

Second, finishing wood takes a REALLY long time. Especially when its cottonwood season in Colorado. And its hot. And you can never tell when its going to start raining.

But, its done, and its moved in to our house. We even had dinner on it last night, but more about that later. First, lets do the grand reveal.

You remember the original table we got for free when we bought our chairs? If not, I'll jog your memory.

We gave it quite the makeover. But, before I show it to you, you have to make me a few promises. First, don't judge us for our chairs. They were J's and they were cheap. I am working on painting them all white right now. Second, I know we don't have any artwork in there. We did. I promise. A big black and white picture of a canal in Amsterdam. But we're moving. So don't hate. Third, we don't like the legs of the table either. We're working on it. Okay, so you promise? Check it out.

First, we gave it a coat of wood conditioner:

Next, we stained it about a million times (okay, maybe only 3 or 4) with Minwax Ebony:

Last, we poly-ed the heck out of that thing:

And then it was ready for eating:

And if you want a close up of that pretty wood grain:

Oh, and in case you wanted a close up of those beautiful flowers I got for my anniversary:

We will just pretend that luck had nothing to do with the fact that J picked out flowers JUST LIKE my bouquet from a year ago.

Oh, and wondering what our first dinner was on our brand new old table??

Anyway, what do you think??? It's taken us forever, which means I am SO excited to share this with ya'll, but that also means you cannot say anything bad about it. Isn't it beautiful?? Anyone else have some awesome furniture makeovers you want to share?


sprout said...

first off, yay! table post! ive been waiting eagerly to see how this came out. and its amazing. fantastic job lady. seriously, so so gorgeous! now onto the second part, which is me gripping. I recently tackled a similar project, staining the trim we put up around the mirror in our master bathroom. And I followed the same process, but after four coats of the minwax stain i started FREAKING OUT about how splotchy and in consistent it all looked. and so? I painted it. A deep expresso brown, that looks ok but not nearly as rich as the stain. now i'm depressed. your table is exactly what we were hoping for, and the pre-poly pic is where i got it before flipping and painting the dang thing. I'm gonna need a glass of wine (or 3) to get over these blues. *pout*

but yay table! and now i know better for next time.

Mallory said...

Thanks Jessi! We're really happy with the table, but it took a LOT of time and patience. I'm SO sorry you gave up on your trim! I'm not sure if you used the wood conditioner before you started staining, but I think that really helped out getting the color we wanted. Also, the stain really soaked in and got nice and dark after we let it sit for a few days. And the poly really changed it so much. But I think next time we're going to try to use water-based poly, as the oil-based was so frustrating!

I'm sure your mirror looks awesome anyway! Its like I always tell J, we're the only ones who ever know if we change our minds. Have a glass of wine for me ;-)

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