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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Everything is OK.

We made it! Spent all day Thursday packing, cleaning, packing, and cleaning, and then hopped in the car (not without a quick trip to Red Robin -Yum!-) and headed west. And south. And believe me, we're south.

We of course needed to say goodbye to our house, and I left a lot of tears on the carpet for the carpet cleaners to get out. But once I got my crybaby tears out, we were ready for bigger and better things (or smaller, and more Air Force-y things, at least).

And as we were walking out to our car for the last time from our house, Colorado said goodbye to us.

NOW, we're on the road. I slept for the first portion (the expressway portion) and was woken up around 4:30am to drive my leg of the trip. The Kansas/Oklahoma, "We don't believe in highways" leg. It was long. But less boring than I thought it was (Thank you Jim Dale).

As we crossed into our now home state, we pulled out the must-have accessory...

Yes, mine is a homemade cowboy hat. J took my sunhat and safety pinned the sides up. You know you are jealous.

After J woke up, the drive was very quick. And then we were home. In Oklahoma. It's still weird to me. At least OK gave us a nice warm welcome. A 104 degree warm welcome.

So we made it! Stay tuned this week for a house tour... and maybe a few pictures of Calvin getting comfortable in our new home.

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