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Monday, February 7, 2011

Map This.

You may not have realized he was gone, or that I was unsure of when his return would be, but J got home last night, just as planned {originally}.

I don't like to blog about trips away from home, weather one of us or both of us until after it happens. Never know who reads this thing. Even if we do live on an Air Force base.

You see, this weekend, he flew to Texas. Then New Mexico. Then back to Texas. Then back to Oklahoma. And before he left, they told him to be prepared to be gone until Thursday. Right before he left. Like 1 hour before he left. So needless to say, there was some moving and shaking happening in the Recor house this weekend.

{One wife left to her own devices - one loving husband = home changes.}

And the good news is, one of these changes actually pushed the office a little closer to the finish line. Not too close. More like closer to the halfway point. More like closer to the halfway to the halfway point. But the point is we're moving people! {not literally}

We now have touched on the office before. Once or Twice. Maybe I mentioned this awesome loveseat?

Haha, so funny. This is a long project. But Rome wasn't built in a day! And this office will be the new Rome. It will be powerful. Beautiful. Inspiring. Home of great minds. It might even be a superpower one day. Someday. When it's finished. Baby steps.

Let me just say now, if maps drive you crazy, if you find yourself lost while staring at one, if you literally get lost in one while trying to fold it back up, if the very thought of your GPS {gasp} breaking gives you the hives, turn off your computer. Just do it now. I don't want to be responsible for this.

Still here? Okay good. Hopefully that means you will understand my love affair with maps. I like them, I love them, I can't get enough of them. I don't own a GPS. I believe my phone will act as one, but I have not attempted. We are the people who buy the maps at the convenience store. There is always someone. It's us. I believe we have three maps in our glove compartment right now. Yep. Three.

They are just so beautiful! The lines. The colors. The shapes. The North. The South...okay I'm done. Now remember, I am sharing this office with a boy. A pilot boy. And when I told him I was setting out to make this office "Aviator Chic" he thought I was crazy. But I found a way.

Aeronautical maps. Who knew they were this pretty?? {I did.} So these puppies have found a home. Above those bookshelves {who, by the way, are just dying for a makeover... in fact, they don't know this right now, but I have two pallets leaning against my house right now just waiting to meet up with those ladies}. Am I crazy? Maybe. Am I sentimental? Definitely - the orange map is of Colorado, and the green is Michigan. Next we'll have to add an Oklahoma to the mix.

I like love them. They are perfect for what I am wanting in this room. How are you feeling about them? I apologize for the glare. That huge, obnoxious glare. We have lots of windows. Which means lots of natural light-yay! But it also means lots of glare. {And please don't mention how cluttered my bookshelves are. We're all overly embarrassed about that.}

Also, if you could just keep my friend Amy and her husband Aaron in your thoughts and prayers. They have had quite the day.


Amy Rae Photography said...

this looks great!!!! ssoo perfect! loving it!

Mallory said...

Thanks Amy!

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