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Friday, February 4, 2011

iPhone: Week 5

Tulsa for my birthday.
Freezing cold.
Walked to breakfast.


Nicole said...

Hey! I just found your blog and am reading back a ways..:) Ok, in August 2010 you did a post about the birch painting in your PAINTED THAT?!?! Wow, its gorgeous! Any tips at attempting that? My SIL loves birch trees...i should try it!


Mallory said...

Hi Nicole! Welcome :-)

I did paint that, thank you so much! It really is not too difficult. The only tips I have are to make sure you have a picture for inspiration (it's so much easier than painting from your head alone), and don't be too perfect! Birch trees are a bit random anyway, so don't stress if you "mess up." Just change it!

Hope that helps! I never know how to give good painting tips {since I don't think I'm a good painter!} haha.

Truly His said...

Such a cute blog! My husband and I live thousand of miles away from our family too :) What a neat way to stay connected!! Hope to read more!!

Mallory said...

Thank you! :-) It's so much easier than calling/emailing everyone to spread big news!

Nicole said...

Thanks, im definately going to try it!! I printed yours to go by so hopefully it turns out as nice as yours did! :)

Mallory said...

Good luck! I want to see the final product! :-)

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