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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I try not to do this. You have to put up with wedding mush galore for a WEEK before our anniversary every year. And even though I love to look at weddings, I know you may not. You do not work for Style Me Pretty. You do not know when all the Spring and Fall collections come out. You do not volunteer your time and creativity to help other people (often complete strangers) make their weddings perfect. You do not call you sister every time you think of a new idea for "her" wedding.

And if you cared, you have probably already seen this.

For those of you who don't care about weddings, we will return to your scheduled blogging tomorrow. I'm sorry. I have to.

Anthropologie has launched a bridal line. Yep. Bridal. B H L D N.

I loved my dress. I still love my dress. I want to dye it red and wear it again. I don't want to have another wedding. I don't want to wear another dress (well at least not outside of the dressing room). But when I heard Anthropologie was adding a bridal collection... you better believe I added the release to my calendar.

And that was Monday. Valentines Day. The wedding world had waited long enough and we now have our B H L D N. We were so happy.

And, I will say it again, I loved my wedding. I would not change it for the world. Seriously. I'm not just saying that to convince myself. I really, truly loved it. But, just for today, we're going to play a game. I'm going to design my wedding fashion, a la B H L D N.

The dress:

The Shoes:

The "veil":

The Bridesmaid:

Now, I know we will all look at these and know this is very current. Trendy. As in, not me.

But today, this is a wedding I want to see. When I shopped for my own wedding, my mission was a timeless look. Something that will always look nice. No poofy sleaves, no cowboy hat veils (I may or may not be talking about a few female relatives of mine who got married in the 80s). And while my wedding might not always been in Vogue (I don't even know if it would have been considered in Vogue in 2009), it will at least be the simple, beautiful, and elegant affair I will always remember.

Nothing like what my wedding would be if these were the fashions. But you can't stone me for loving everything B H L D N has to offer right now.

All images courtesy of B H L D N.

 I do hope no one took offense by this post. I think it is obvious how in love I am by everything in the B H L D N line. I find it all beautiful. How do you all feel?


AJD ∞ said...

I LOVE BHLDN. When I first got wind of the line, I'll admit, I shed a few tears in "memory" of the wedding I never had [aka, a BHLDN wedding]. I, too, wanted a timeless wedding [my bridesmaids dresses did NOT fit that objective, much to my horror] but I freaking LOVE those wedding gowns. I want.

Randi Frazier said...

Oh Mal! I've already picked out my dress from B H L D N!! It's wonderfully beautiful and I think it's my style. I'll post it on my blog so you can see :)

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