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Thursday, February 10, 2011

iPhone: Week 6

Caption Contest.
Whoever leaves the best caption for this picture
(taken 9 February)
in the comments of this post
wins 2,000 points.


Nicole said...

Ok I dont have a caption for this cute pic but I do have a pic of my attempt at creating your awesome birch painting. Dont laugh. It didnt turn out near as nice as yours!! Ahhh!!! Oh well, what can you do? Im mailing it to my SIL so that way she dont have to fake it if she doesnt like it!! haha.

Thanks for the inspiration tho..

Ok, I cant figure out how to attach the picture here...:)

Mallory said...

I want to see it! email it to me at

mallory.recor (at) gmail (dot) com

If you want to :-)

Donna said...

This snow climbing is exhausting think I'll take a nap!

Rochelle said...


I could see my chihuahua trying to get to his favorite "spot" but not being able to make it cause the cold made him go!!

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