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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tulsa, Symphony, BLTs, Flowers, etc.

I can't decide if I'm prettier this year than I was last year. I feel prettier this year, but that could just be higher self esteem this year, than last. What do you think?

{If you can name the inspiration for that opener, I'll give you 45 points.}

Another year older. Another year wiser. And another year further away from childhood. However, as my lovely grandmother has told me, you don't have to be a grown up until you have wrinkles. And even then it's questionable.

For the big 24 {J's favorite number}, we took a trip to a far off land, full of wonder, beauty, surprises. Tulsa, OK, which some people might say is the Paris of the west, was a beautiful 75 degrees on Saturday to celebrate my birthday. J took me into the city to get our civilization fix. And boy did we find it.

We spent all afternoon shopping at an outdoor mall with stores like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Gap, Banana Republic, and Restoration Hardware. Yes people, we are talking about a real mall, not one that consists of an arcade, a Bath and Body Works, and a Sears {like the one in Enid}. Part of my birthday present from my wonderful husband was a mini shopping spree. SO I bought some new clothes.

After stopping by our hotel to change and prettify ourselves, We went down to the art district of Tulsa to enjoy some long awaited wonderful sushi. Yep, Oklahoma, the landlocked state of cowboys and Indians, has good sushi. You just have to drive two hours from my house to get it.

After that, we walked over to the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra where we enjoyed music from Broadway, and Tango music from Quartet San Fransisco. It was beautiful. Music to my ears {wah, wah. bad joke}. What a romantic date! Just my and my studly husband, and the 85 year old woman sitting next to my studly husband, who kept telling us to move away from Oklahoma, go back to Michigan, and wait a while before we have kids. I think she was hired by our families.

We enjoyed our second dinner {sushi was just the appetizer} at the restaurant attached to our hotel. It was magnificent. That, plus the wonderful breakfast we had the next morning, plus the sushi appetizer {and the great service at all three} made us realize we will never go out to eat in Enid again. Good food + good service does not equal Enid dining {at least that we have experienced thus far}.

{just to prove I am not kidding...} Per my request, my birthday dinner this year was...


After running around Tulsa doing the obligatory Target, Petsmart, and Best Buy runs we need to do when we go to the city, we returned home to a dog and cat who were so excited to see us. And for dessert, we had homemade cheesecake at my dear friend Jill's house.

And that is not to mention all the great presents I got this year! Thank you all for being so generous! I'm especially loving the wonderful smelling, colorful addition to my desk...

So I would really like to thank you ALL for your warm wishes on my birthday. I received so much love this year, I couldn't be happier. Here's to another year of renovating, puppy and kitty loving, blogging, working, snuggling, and moving {which I'm sure we'll have some of... Thank you Air Force}.

And speaking of kitty loving, here's a big happy birthday to the large, tuxedo wearing 6 year old we have in our house today. He has been spending his birthday sleeping in different places around the house. {It was a year ago today we picked up our big bundle of joy from the humane society!}


Anastasia said...


I love that fat cat mal mal

Mallory said...

Good job! You win all the points Ando.

Anonymous said...

Loralie Gilmore!!!! (I spelled Loralie wrong I think)

Ps. I hired the old lady!!


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