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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Office: The Vision

First, there was a mass organization. Then came the boy decor. Finally, we needed to style me pretty.

So I did research. I looked through my favorite magazines and catalogs. I looked through my "Inspired Bookmarks" on Mozilla. I searched the web. I listened to you. And I've made headway on the office.

And when I say headway, I mean it. Because as of yet, it is all still in my head. Yes, I have moved my desk. And yes, I put a mirror on it. But I should mention the aforementioned desk is now shoved into the same corner as the book shelf. This means all the furniture (and honestly, all the stuff) is in one half of the room. With the exception of my "Keep Calm and Carry On" print.

As you can see, I do not exaggerate (at least not right now). If anything, negative progress has happened in the office. But not in my noodle. Nope, I've got it all in there. It'll take some time to collect all the pieces of the puzzle, but soon enough, it will get there. Wondering what I've got? Here is my inspiration.

 Yes, pallets. If you spend as much time as I do on the design blog world, you'll know these are a hot commodity. And I'm using them to give my old bookshelves a face lift. 
Get excited now.
 We need seating in there (aside from the one desk chair) and I know just where to put it.
The spot that J always crouches when he comes to visit me at work.
And this great loveseat from Target might be just the ticket.
 I'm loving flannel lately. The texture, the warmth, the colors.
I'm probably going to try to bring in some flannel in pillows. We'll see.

 I love chalkboards. I know they are trendy. So I will spend little money, and DIY one myself.
But it will be so nice to be able to jot down notes on something other than my Airmen and Family Readiness Center pad of paper.

The curtains. Oh the curtains. Stripes. White. Love, love, love.
DIY, I suppose!

And the pièce de résistance.
No not a belt. But I am using this as my inspiration for the top secret, most exciting project of the room.
And I need your help.

I am looking for old leather (or good pleather) belts. Lots of them. I'm scouring thrift stores and closets (most owners know I'm there). But I still need more. I need lots and lots of leather belts. So please, please, please if you have even one old leather belt you no longer use, I need it. I'll even pay for the shipping. And I will also let you in on the secret project. So look through your closets and let me know.

Like I've said before. It will take a while. It will be slow. It will be one day at a time, but eventually, my office will be pretty. It will be organized. It will look like a girl works there (and a boy). Anything changing around your house?

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The Laginess Family said...

Wish I had some belts to send you. Love that office with the striped curtains! Mostly, I love the blue in there. I'm using a lot of that same color in Lucy's nursery. Also, I'm totally loving pallet bookshelves right now- the kids will both have some in their room soon. =)

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