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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oklahoma the Beautiful

I'm writing this post in hopes it will take my mind off of the disgusting, horrible, stinky, customer service mess that is DirecTV. But enough on that... we're trying to clear our minds.

When we lived in Colorado, we were lucky. We walked out the front door and saw mountains. We hiked every night with Duke. We took three bike rides a day. I could train on hills like it wasn't a thing. We could go out to eat and be so happy with what we had. We were surrounded by people who enjoyed a lot of the same things we did.

Then we moved to Oklahoma. And I actually was a little sad the other day when someone wished that "I was not hating Oklahoma as much anymore." I'm really sad that I left that impression on you. Sure, it's not Colorado. It's not Michigan, Texas or South Dakota either. It's Oklahoma. And that is not a bad thing.

I have made it my mission to be the best tourist I can be. I have not done as well a job as I had hoped to do originally, but that is what happens when you have a husband who studies on the weekends. I'm still trying though. When faced with what to do on my birthday weekend, we have decided to go to Tulsa and take in some museums and local flavor. I'm planning on running the half marathon for the OKC Memorial (or maybe full... but I don't want to promise myself into something I may not have time to train for...). I'm excited to try the little diners along the road. I'm excited to camp in Oklahoma. I'm excited to find the coolest, prettiest, most fun spots of this toothbrush.

So with that in mind, I decided to take J and Duke out. Past the gates of the base. But not so far that I was no longer in sweet, old Enid. Our favorite Saturday pastime in CO was hiking. So I decided we needed to get outside and "hike." {hike is in quotations because I still have a hard time calling it hiking if I'm able to wear my J. Crew rubber boots.}

We needed to enjoy the beauty of Oklahoma. To do that, I knew the thing we needed to do most was to get outside and away from people. That was when we always loved Colorado the most. So that was when we were going to love Oklahoma the most.

So I would just like to apologize if I gave the wrong impression. No, Oklahoma was not our first choice of bases. And no, I don't want to live here forever. But I, under no circumstances, hate it. Not even a little. I actually really like OK. We've talked about coming back here at some point in J's career so he could be an instructor pilot and we could live a slower pace of life again. Be on the lookout for more OK posts soon.

Want to vacation in OK now?

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AJD ∞ said...

I love these photos! Were they taken with your new Nikon? Were they? Were they? ;] I'm sure you guys will LOVE OK when you can go camping! You guys BETTER live in WA while we're here, though. Just saying. It's a dream of mine. :]

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