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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cat in a Burlap Sack

Calvin has a new favorite napping location. But let us start from the beginning.

Somebody had a mini breakdown this year when we brought out our old, fake, little Christmas tree (Duke). (S)he thought it looked bare, stupid and fake. And (s)he was quick to point out that every year we have said we were going to get a real tree next year. Well my wonderful husband agreed. And was all about getting a real tree. But somebody (Duke) was having an internal argument with (her)himself. (S)he is a cheap-o. As in, "We have to buy a tree stand, a new tree skirt, and a new tree, no way. We'll wait until after Christmas to get the tree stand and get a real tree next year."

It sure is a good thing that my wonderful husband totally understands somebody (Duke) and convinced (her)him that getting a real tree was not going to be that expensive, and then filled the car with tree branches from other Christmas trees to prove how wonderful the smell would be. And overindulgence is the reason for the season, after all... right? Maybe not, but either way, we're getting a real tree. Stay tuned.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand... burlap. You read that right, we wanted a burlap tree skirt. Why not? It's a pretty brown color, cool texture, and since we were getting it from my new favorite store in the world, Atwoods, it was cheap. $3 for more than we could ever need for a tree skirt. And it sure is a good thing we got more than we could ever need for a tree skirt because...

Yes, moments after bringing the burlap into the door, Calvin was on top of it. Inside of it. Playing with it. Laying with it. He loved it. He claimed it as his own. So we used one bag as a tree skirt, and another as a makeshift bed for Calvin. He couldn't be happier.

His favorite thing to do is lay completely inside of it, and play with whoever is on the outside. Or lay completely inside of it, and fall asleep, all afternoon. It's pretty cute. You have to admit.

So when you come to our house, and you see a burlap sack on the ground, don't think we just finished off our rice and haven't had a chance to get to the garbage. Especially if you see a little lump, the tip of a black tail sticking out the end, or perhaps a little white paw. Beware of crazy cats sleeping (and/or awaiting unsuspecting passersby). Just a tip.

Later this week, we will be tree chopping. So stay tuned next week to see what comes of that. Anyone else have any crazy cat stories? Or crazy dog stories? Duke's still chasing his tail. Like crazy. Is that normal?


AJD. said...

This is why I want a cat. & a real tree. But mostly the cat. I think Hurley wants a cat of his own, too.

Mallory said...

Hurley told Duke that his test to see if Santa is real or not was that he asked ONLY Santa for a cat, and did not tell you or Aaron... Just a heads up.

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