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Friday, December 17, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

At some point in this crazy thing we call "Living with the Air Force," we will take a vacation. The next year (well, until September at least) is going to be spent in training. After that there is, you guessed it, more training. But we are hoping to sneak a nice, long vacation in there somewhere.

Where, you ask? We're not sure yet. It's quite some time away, and it depends on what we can afford, how much time we have, as well as what else (weddings, etc) is happening around the time we take our vacation. I will warn you now, so you have months to get your disappointment under control, it will not be Michigan.

While we love MI, and even more importantly, love the people in MI, we have spent too many "vacations" running around MI. We want a real vacation. I do not say this to be mean. But to put it in perspective, at least to all you Michiganders, you live, work, and exist in MI. Would you also like to vacation in Michigan?

On our list of possible vacation spots include a large variety. After living in Enid, America for over a year, we may need a jaunt to the Big City Apple, where we could take in fall (or winter) weather in Central Park, Shop (even if it is just the window kind) on 5th Avenue, or have cocktails above the city lights.

On the other hand, it might be nice to get away to a beautiful, snowy, winter wonderland. And thus, Alaska should be on our list of possible vacations. We want to enjoy the crisp Alaskan air, maybe see a few bears, and definitely a moose, and spend time outside. In the beautiful snow. With trees. And mountains. Just a thought.

Then again, we may need a little magic in our lives after a long year of studying. And after all, I have been waiting about 13 years for this. I read that my hopes and dreams would become a possibility about 6 years ago on a little place I like to call MuggleNet. Of course I am talking about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Quite possibly, we may need to revisit the scene of our engagement: Disney World. I'd love to spend a few days visiting Cinderella in her castle, high five-ing Mickey at Epcot, sledding at Blizzard Beach, and watching the fireworks with my husband. To me, Disney World is always on the list.

With the all you can eat lobster tail, steak, pizza, and french fries, maybe a cruise is the way to go! Hop on a boat down in the Caribbean somewhere, enjoy the multiple destinations, the sandy beaches, and the good food. J has been on one, I have not. He's been telling me every since that he would take me on one, some day. Perhaps someday is after UPT?

I guess we have a while to think and dream about all these vacations (and maybe think up a few more!) before it is time to book it. An option is always to combine a few of these as well. All I know is that when we finally do get to take out biggest vacation since our honeymoon, it will have been greatly anticipated and ever greater-ly deserved (J has been working his butt off. And it only gets harder every day). 

Where would you go?


AJD. said...

I vote Alaska!
Or Harry Potter land!

Aaron and I really want to go on an Alaskan cruise. That was supposed to be our honeymoon, but the AF ruined that. Horribly. Any ways... You should also check out Sunset Magazine. They have great, unknown West Coast getaways.

tnk said...

I think what you meant to say was "Boulder, Colorado to visit Jameso and my Hotdog and have the best time of our lives!"

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