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Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

As you may remember, somebody recently had a mini melt down over her fake Christmas tree. Because she has the most wonderful husband in the world, she now has a short, fat, delicious smelling, green, shedding, REAL Christmas tree in her corner.

J and I went two weekends ago (I know, I know, I've been holding out) to cut down our tree. We drove down to Edmond, OK to the Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree Farm to pick our our tree. We walked around for about an hour, seeing all different kinds of trees. We saw tall, skinny trees, short, fat trees, twirly Dr. Seuss-esque trees, and little baby trees (that weren't ready for chopping just yet). We found our tree pretty early on, but continued to look around to make sure it was indeed the best tree available. And boy was it.

This little baby stands about 6 and a half feet tall, is as big around as he is tall (almost), and he is a little front heavy. Sort of reminds me of Jo's description of Professor Slughorn...


We brought our little tree home and got to dressing him. White lights, red, gold, and green balls, and a select few special ornaments. The burlap sack at the base makes Calvin's favorite hunting spot all that much more comfortable.

(I know that picture of Calvin is under our fake tree. But believe me, he does it under this one too).

My favorite thing about the tree is how is sparkles through the window at night. Since we are the Grinch and Scrouge, and haven't put up ANY lights outside, it's nice to show that we are at least a little festive.

And Duke is working very hard not to knock into it while he chases his tail.

So there you have it! What does your Christmas tree look like? Are you a themed Christmas person? All one color, one theme? Or do you like the modge podge of homemade ornaments with crazy colored lights? Maybe you prefer a fake silver tree? Anyway you look at it, a Christmas tree all decked out in the window is the best way to start the festive feelings, at least in my opinion.

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AJD. said...

So cute! I'm so glad you guys got a real tree!

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