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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clutching my Clutch.

Walking home from work the other day, I was very frustrated trying to find my keys. Too many pockets, too big of a purse. And it was heavy. My purse becomes J's storage container often times. I was very frustrated.

This frustration lead to an epiphany. Why not make a clutch? One pocket. Small. Compact and light. And so I forgot about anything else I had planned for the afternoon (and I had a lot planned. Fun stuff, like thrifting and stopping by Hobby Lobby.) and ran to my scrap fabric bag.

I cut, ironed and sewed, and talked to my sister on the phone. And after thirty minutes, I had succeed.

The flowers were a previous project, that I ended up hot gluing to the clutch to complete it. It was, quite possibly, one of the easiest projects I've ever done. In hindsight, there are always things that I would do differently. And maybe I'll make another one day. But It works. And it only has one pocket. And it's small enough, that it can't be too heavy. It can't be used as a storage compartment by husbands. It holds a wallet, a phone, gum, chapstick, and a Hobby Lobby coupon. I love it.

Are you in on this downsize? Or are you a large bag kinda person? I love it, and for now, this small clutch is all I need. What do you think about the flowers? Also, does anyone recognize this fabric?? Yes, My name is Mallory, and I am a navy and white stripe-aholic.


tnk said...

LOVE IT! Crafty McCrafterston. I tend to make clutches and then leave them places (like chairs, floors, Subway in the ghetto...). Just don't forget you've got this little guy with you!

Mallory said...

Good advice Tracey! Thanks :-)

AJD. said...

This is sooo cute. I love that you can see the stitch on the side. What an easy project!

The Laginess Family said...

super cute! How'd you do the flowers? Can I place an order? =)

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