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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cork on a Stick.

Here is my thought process on a day like Sunday.

Wake up, ouch my head hurts. And my hair still smells like bonfire. Gross. Where is my husband? Do I smell bacon? Must find bacon. There is husband! He's making Eggs Jonathan. With bacon! Yum. So good. Now I need Tylenol. And a shower. Lets get water from the refrigerator. Ew, lets clean out the refrigerator. I'm feeling productive. What do I get if I mix wine corks, a yard stick, and wood glue? I like it! Now what? Oh, footballs on. Oh, I'm losing. Where is that $2 frame Jill got me? Here it is. What if I add a little twine... Perfect. Laundry, laundry, laundry. Soup. Laundry. Harry Potter is this weekend. We need shirts. Done. Laundry. Sarah's House. Laundry. Run. Couch. Bed.

Aren't you excited to see all the fruits of my labor from Sunday?? We'll start with my first project from Sunday. A cork stick. Corks on a stick. Yardstick cork. Well whatever you call it, it's meant to be a tall skinny cork board for a very narrow place. What do you think?

If your wondering how I made the cork stick, you're in luck! Because I'm going to tell you. It was a very simple project that took me all of 5 minutes (not counting the now 36 hours the cork stick has been under a 2x4 in the garage to make sure the glue sticks.

1. Drink lots of bottles of wine.
2. Save the corks.
3. Get a yard stick (if you go to a small, local hardware store and bat your eyes and wear something pretty, they might even give it to you for free...).
4. Using wood glue, attach corks to the yard stick.
5. Place under something heavy (I just so happened to have a 2x4 laying around) for 12 hours to let the glue set.
6. Hang on wall. Hang things on cork stick.

So? I made the cork stick as a way to use my collection of corks. I still have many left over. That is what happens when you collect something somewhat useless. You get to make awesome things. What do you think? Could you use a cork stick for a narrow area in your house? Stick a few notes on there for your cat? A picture or two? Tell us what easy projects you've been up to using everyday items from your house!

Oh, just a tip. Don't use hot glue. It won't work.


Anastasia said...

LOVE THIS! I made the board thrice!!

Amy Rae Photography said...

I have a 'hubby hand crafted' corkboard from our wine in my office! love this idea too!

JHill said...

Brilliant! Found you on Pinterest, now off to look at everything else.

Anonymous said...

How did you hang in the wall?

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on Pinterest too - love it! I can't tell from the picture - did you cut the corks in half? Or are they glued on whole? THANK YOU

Martha said...

Hot glue won't work? I just saw this through some random website and I was going to make one (or two...I have lots of corks!) today.

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