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Friday, November 26, 2010


After days like yesterday, where we had a dinner for 12, for four, I am thankful for stretchy yoga pants.

I am thankful for a husband who rolls his eyes when I complain about those jeans making me "look wide."

I am thankful for family who misses us, and loves us still, even if we are not able to make it to where they are for the holidays.

I am thankful for great friends, who have become our "family away from family," who have become the people I go to for advice (or just to hear I'm not alone), who have become the people we can't stand to miss.

I am thankful for a 80 pound puppy, and a big fat cat.

I am thankful that hair grows.

I am thankful for my feet. And the muscles in my legs. And the ability to run 26.1 miles.

I am thankful for snow. Even if we don't have any. I'm thankful that someone, somewhere is experiencing snow.

I am thankful for Pottery Barn.

I am thankful for Ana White for teaching me how to knock off Pottery Barn.

I am thankful for blogs, because how else would I waste spend my time?

I am thankful for babies, and thankful that I don't have any. Yet.

I am thankful for Santa.

I am thankful for navy blue and white stripes.

I am thankful for the USAF.

I am thankful for food on my table, a roof over my head, and clothes on my body. And a Camelbak full of fresh water.

I am thankful for Harry Potter. And J.K. Rowling.

I am thankful for Colorado.

I am thankful for Lost.

And Sarah Richardson.

One thing I am not thankful for: my camera eating my memory card. You'll have to wait to see our Thanksgiving table until I can figure out how to get it out.


AJD. said...

I love this post! Oh man. We need to live closer. I need to do some crafts.

Mallory said...

Thank you and Agreed! I need to show you the clutch I made the other day!

tusselwupper said...

We are thankful for you, too! The kids love their letters and pictures ... and are busily composing responses (many of which don't make any sense, but I will send them all regardless). xo Lulu

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