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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am the Striped Lady.

I had to fight Genevieve Gorder long and hard for the title, but I won. I am the striped lady.

I love stripes. I can't get enough of them. I'm absolutely, positively wild about stripes. Stripes, stripes stripes.

If you say it enough, it sounds (and looks) like a made up word.

I got this fabric on sale for $3 a yard at Ikea. There were only about 2 and a half yards left, but I snagged it up.

I wish I had more. It's stripes. And its white. And navy blue. Can you get anymore perfect? Maybe Taylor Lautner my husband can, but in a fabric, I don't think so. I have made two pillows...

A table runner...

And an apron with this fabric.

(Did your eagle eyes catch a project worthy of revealing later this week? It's in there somewhere...)

I have definitely stretched my 2.5 yards pretty nicely, but I'll tell you this. I'm not throwing away even a scrap of this fabric. I can make flowers or something with it. I know I can.

Oh and ps, these projects were super easy. The pillows? Our couch came with these ugly babies:

I hated them. I always kept their backside facing out. It was the exact same fabric of our couch. It was boring. But it was better than the front side. But with my sewing machine, awesome stripey fabric, and 10 minutes, I covered them up. Easiest job in the world.

And the table runner? Yes, it has a seam down the middle of it, I know. I didn't have a piece long enough for the table. And since I had to sew that seam down the middle, the project took me all of 7 minutes, instead of 5.

As for the apron, that baby took me about 20 minutes. I love it. I can't stop wearing it. Making spaghetti? Apron time. Making asparagus? Apron time. Making cereal? Well, maybe not apron time. Yet. I didn't have a pattern for the apron, I basically cut it how I wanted, sewed a hem all the way around, and sewed it onto some ribbon. And voila, my new favorite accessory.

I'm not sure why I love stripes so much.. Could it be the straight lines, looking so nice and clean? Because they are simple? Fresh? Don't know. How do you feel about stripes? Love em? Like em? Any other pattern tickle your fancy? I know my mom loves polka dots, what about you?


sprout said...

I'm a bit more of polka dots than stripes myself, but honestly i could go for both. My greatest draw are leaf patterns and anything with mustard yellow.

Your blog is officially making me want to get one of my own going. I wanna show you my latest home project.

Jonathan David Recor I said...

Oh please do Jess. Then I can see whats up with your house (jealous) and dogs (jeff too). Looks good Mallory you keep doing awesome, cool things, im glad i bought you a sewing machine.

Mallory said...

Please do Jess! I would love to see whats going on in your neck of the woods! - And I love mustard yellow too...

Yeah, thanks J... except my mom bought me a sewing machine. But thank you babe! Can't wait for the best accessory to arrive - you!

Anastasia said...

MAL you are the cutest sister in the world and i'm so happy you are MINE! I love that apron. I am having stripes in my wedding someday. all over. do you like that idea? you can wear this apron

Mallory said...

Haha, thanks Ana! I LOVE the idea of having stripes all over your wedding. Can I have a yellow with yellow striped dress?

Randi Frazier said...

Haha! Mallory, my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine and I bought some pillows at Ikea (very cheap) and have been ransacking fabric stores for "the perfect print". Haven't found it yet, but it will happen some day! As for my sewing machine progress...I did make some lovely rice-filled pillows with scrap fabric for 'those' days. Quite nice, actually. Nothing else yet!

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