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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love the Boys?

We're trying something new this week. We want your advice. We want you to help with the styling of our house! So pay attention all week, because we need help!

We love our boys so much, we wanted to make sure they got some "face time" in our decor. I mean, Jon and I have so much of our own tastes, styles, selves in this house, that we needed to represent the canine/feline portion of our family in some way.

We (Duke, Calvin and I) had a nice long conversation about what they really wanted to represent themselves in the house, and after many vetoes in the areas of carpeted walls for scratching, and doors made out of bones, they consented to sit for portrait sessions.

As Tyra would say, these were their best pictures.

Now, our TV had to be in a funny little spot in our living room. Off center on the wall its anchored on, because half the wall is floor to ceiling windows. And then off center on the wall part of the wall, because we wanted it somewhat centered with the couch. And that left us with a wonderful spot for our boys.

Now comes your part of the post. Calvin and I are still not sure how well this wall works. Sometimes the space above the TV seems a little too... male pattern balding. I don't want to do anything too busy on the wall, but possibly one more simple picture above the TV? Maybe add an unique art piece above the TV? Or perhaps just move the pictures of the boys down? Or maybe you think we should just leave it alone? I want to know what you think.

[Please forgive my VERY poor Photoshop skills... I don't even actually have Photoshop, those pictures were all done on Paint. And while we're on the topic of disclaimers, please forgive the cables I have not wrangled yet, as well as the rubber ducky. Duke forgot to clean up for the pictures.]

What are we thinking??


Tracey said...

Option 1!

Emily said...

I think you should leave it just the way it is! :)

Anastasia said...

I think either Leave it or put a metal/bronze/silver some kind of harder looking thing that has structures or wirey looking above but circle pattern or off shape not geometrical square or rectangle shapes :) I love those boys!!!!!

Mallory said...

Annie, love your explanation.

I think I need a bigger TV stand. What do you girls think?

Randi Frazier said...

What about putting up some hanging wood shelves (of course they need to match your other wood in the house...minor details) and then have some (or 1) hanging plants off of them for some greenery. Add to your chi :)

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