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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shedding Some Light on the Situation.

Not this situation.

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I'm kind of embarrassed that I know of that Situation.

Anyway, the situation we are shedding light on today is this:

Our bedroom. And more importantly, this:

(Yes, I did get that phone for free, thankyouverymuch.)

That was a lamp I got at ARC a while ago. Why did I buy that thing, you ask? Well because I just simply loved the lovely shade of burple (blue/purple/barf) and the way it highlighted the brassy gold base so well.

Psych. I bought it because it had a twin brother (same wonderful color and all) and it was half off. Of $3. Yes, it was $1.50.

As you might have caught on up there, I did not like the color. It felt dated, dirty, and cheap. Maybe because it was dated, dirty, and cheap. One will never know. But what one does know, is that these lamp brothers really get along with my good friend Mr. Rustoleum.

I got me some Air Force blue spray paint (I was going for navy, but the color turned out a little lighter than the original plan, which I actually like because now it is very close to "Air Force Blue.") and sprayed the heck out of these guys. And then fell in love with two more Air Force men. Because after a change of clothes, these boys were men.

Now, you may be able to guess that if I buy cheap lamps, I will hold out for cheap shades. I was not okay with buying a shade that cost 12 times the price of the lamp. So when I came across two matching, textured, white shades at Ross (but originally from Target) for $3 each, I just had to bring them home. And as luck would have it, they worked just fine with those amazing Air Force Blue lamps.

I feel like an adult. I have bedside table lamps. And they match. Forget that I only spent $12 on both lamps combined, I can read in bed. If I can stay awake that late.

So, what do you think? I personally love them. Have you ever painted lamps? Considering doing it now? I'm telling you, its the way to go if you want cheap but beautiful lamps. Also, what do you think about the Air Force Blue? I think J will love it. And it works on an Air Force base.


Anastasia said...

love the air force blue!!!

justin said...

i love that you know who the situation is lol

Mallory said...

I'm a little embarrassed. You can thank your brother for that.

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