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Monday, August 16, 2010

Movin on up!

I'm thinking the next time I do a tour of our home, I'm doing it cribs style. So much more entertaining. And I'll get to show off all the diet coke with lime in our refrigerator.

Anywho--Here it is! In all its unpacked glory, I would like to introduce to you 1204 Bass Drive.

((Disclaimer: There is no artwork on our walls. I realize this. You must be patient. One day, our house will look like our home. Probably a week before we move. But as I put pictures on the walls, I will update the blog. Please do not look at this video as an idea of my decorating sense, instead view it as an idea of my furniture arranging sense. Thank you for your cooperation.))

It's coming together, yes? Starting to look like a home? This is actually the first sneak peak of the house for J with all our stuff in it too. Do you think he'll like it? I sure hope so! Stay tuned this week for some of the artwork on the walls. I'm moving right along!


Jonathan David Recor I said...

Looks AWESOME Babe!! Youre missing something...ME! Ill be home soon and help you hang some of those nagging pictures and misc stuff you save me. Good job thus far, Frank would give you a decent grade no doubt. Love you and miss you


hotdog said...

TRAMPOLINE?! Jump on it! I don't care who it belongs to!

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