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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

R. Simple Life in Boxes

This post is a little late, as my house does NOT look like this anymore... but I'm still working hard to make it look presentable.

The boys dropped off every single thing we own, including the two mops and a bucket I thought they forgot (found them 45 minutes ago!)and left me with 20+ boxes to unpack on my own.

Luckily, I was coming back from my stint with strep and had all sorts of energy from my two day bed fest. I say luckily because I needed all that energy to even think about opening all those boxes by myself. With no J to help. (At least I got to put everything where I wanted it...)

Like I said, we're moving right along over here at Casa de Recor, and pretty much everything is unpacked, and I promise, I will give you an update later this week, but for now, I would just like you to marvel in the explosion that was my house.


The calm before the storm... Did he know what was coming?

First things first, I needed to set up the TV so Sarah's House could get me through all this packing. Couldn't find the base of the TV or the cords at first, so I also ripped through the office for 20 minutes. But found it all, and the party began...

This is our kitchen. That pile of paper was up to my hip at one point.

The office, looking a little more tame than I remember...

The bedroom... Those tall boxes are big enough to fit me comfortably inside. Possible cheap travel ploy in the future??

AANNDD the guest room.

And they only broke one thing (that I know of...)

But don't worry, its just from Ikea. So once I get reimbursed my 79 cents, I can head down to Texas and get a new one. And maybe while I'm there I'll grab a few things for the house. Just a few. And just because I'm there..

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the garage, so let me paint you a mental image: imagine a very nice, very yellow 2003 VW bug. Now I want you to put 8 clowns in the car. And 4 business men. And 12 dogs (they can be little). Next, make sure each clown/man/dog has two overnight bags, because they're going on a trip. And you can't go on a trip without some good road trip food, so give each of these guys some french fries. And a strawberry shake. Good thing that car has safe airbags, because it was just in a crash. Oh, and there is a lawn mower in the trunk. That was my garage (And if we're being honest, take out the dogs and the shakes, and you have my garage right now).

For those of you who know and love me well, you know my house does not still look like this. Please be patient, I promise I will share soon. In the mean time, tell me how scary moving is to you. Personally, I love it. It's like Christmas. I found my Waterford water pitcher and squealed. Was this post too scary?


Jonathan Recor said...

Looks funny seeing stuff in the house. Everytime I picture it is is completely empty. I love you Rory, make the house look great while im gone. Be home soon...Jonathan

AJD. said...

At least they put all the boxes in the rooms they were intended for! When our mover got here, his helpers did not read the labels on the boxes and left them all in a spare room that we did not intend on using. Which meant dragging them through the house to the rooms that the boxes were intended for. So annoying. Aren't those bedroom boxes convenient, though?! I love the make shift rods they put in there... Seriously!

Mallory said...

Jonathan - get your butt home soon.

Amy - What a bunch of doofs. One of my guys brought some dog poop in with him. Yeah. But I do love those wardrobe boxes. I just gave all mine to a neighbor who is moving this weekend :-)

Anastasia said...

"But don't worry, its just from Ikea. So once I get reimbursed my 79 cents, I can head down to Texas and get a new one. And maybe while I'm there I'll grab a few things for the house. Just a few. And just because I'm there.." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Texas. Mal you are so hilarious sometimes I forget. I miss you and I want to come see your house real bad

Anastasia said...

also I give you HUGE props for doing this alone, that's Crazy. I wouldn't even want to

Mallory said...

Thanks Anastasia :-)

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