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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've been trying my hardest in branching out from my usually navy and white uniform. I really have. Well, trying as hard as I can with no clothing stores within and hour and a half of my house. But I've been pulling out some of the forgotten articles in my closet. Some coral here, a little turquoise there. And some Kelly Green.

Please excuse the filth, grime, and dust that has encased my mirror. As well as the fact that there is, in fact, a present for a friend on my dresser. And they hair would not stay out of my face long enough to find myself in the viewfinder of the phone and look back up.

But I'd say the green is a welcome addition. And check out those shoes. Little girls section at Target. Talk about good fortune. Love them. I'll admit, I've been on the hunt for a pair of wedges since noticing that in every other picture of her, my fashion icon, The Duchess of Cambridge, is sporting a pair. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it. If Kate will wear it, I probably will too. 

This is not because of my slight obsession. It is actually because I LOVE her style. But thank you dear obsession for allowing me to realize how fabulous her style is.

And if I were sending this picture to my sister in a text, the subtitle would be "Shirt: J. Crew, Sweater: Gap, Jeans: Levi, Shoes: Target." Yes we are nerdy enough to send each other outfits. Do you do that?
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