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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All's Okay.

Hi world! I just wanted to pop in to make sure to tell everyone, we're fine. We've had two days of tornado threats, but we're completely okay.

Monday, the sirens went off, and there was a funnel cloud spotted just south of base. Nothing ever touched down - our plastic chair didn't even blow away.

Tuesday, we didn't even get much weather. All the tornados were south and east of here. They were predicted to come up for a visit, but never did. We were ready, with axes, helmets, blankets, water, and all the other essentials - but never had to take shelter.

Calvin quickly found his new hiding spot - when he wasn't allowed in our room to go under the bed. 

There were some pretty devastating tornadoes about 50 miles south of us, and 35-40 miles southeast of us. It was pretty terrifying to watch, and very sad to see the people coming out of what used to be their home and was now just a pile of wooded beams ten yards from the foundation. So if you can spare a thought, prayer, or just a little love to my fellow Oklahomans, I'm sure they would appreciate that. 

1 comment:

AJD ∞ said...

sending up a little prayer! and i'm loving calvin's hiding spot. he has the right idea.

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