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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

11th Annual OKC Memorial Marathon

I forgot to tell you guys, I ran the OKC Memorial Half Marathon on Sunday.

I had all good intentions on writing up a nice long, mile by mile account, of how I felt, what was going on, etc.

But it rained. And hailed. And it was barley 45 degrees. And the wind was close to tornado. And there was thunder (and not just the bballers).

So instead, I just set my mind to finishing and getting dry.

I will say this though. The 168 seconds of silence for the lives lost in the OKC Bombing were moving. I've never felt silence so loudly. It was phenomenal.

Even worth the cold, wind, and rain.

1 comment:

AJD ∞ said...

LOOK at you! You're a star! I can't run. I run FROM things but not FOR or TO things. No. I'm so impressed. Congrats!

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