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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tree. & Crazy 8s Fail

I'm typing from my iPhone right now. Why, you ask? Because I've spent all day on my Mac and now I'm relaxing. After eating pizza.

Yes, that's a Crazy 8s fail. I've not done great with this challenge. I want to try it again someday, but I think I'll need to spend a few weeks preparing, collecting recipes, getting pizza out of my system.

So I've finally thought of a new Crazy 8s challenge. It ties in with my weekly iPhone photos. And it comes from something my grandma said. She told me she loves to see pictures of me, J, and our friends just living life. So fir a month, I will post at least one iPhone photo of the day. Everyday (barring some weekends and blogger burnout). Something from my day. Something I experienced. Something that will let you peek into a little window and look into a moment of my day.

Today's photo comes from one of my many daily Duke walks. We found a tree with plants growing up the side. Sounds real poetic, huh? Well it really was beautiful. Look.

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