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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

J in a Jayhawk

Well, we are done with the T-6 Texan. D O N E.

You remember our options. Well Friday night we gathered with close friends, and far friends at the Officer's Club on base. Each person in J's class took their turn up at the front while the instructors said a little somethin about them. And then we found out what J will be flying for the next 6 months.

Are you dying to know yet?

We got our first choice - the T-1! Quiz time! Do you remember what that means? (if not click here)

So we'll be in Oklahoma through September. And we couldn't be happier (who would have thought??).

And here a couple tens of thousands of words for you:

So there you have it. Six months of T-1's. And then we'll let you know :)


AJD ∞ said...

YAY! That's so exciting! :]

By the way, you look great in the mask. So cute. & that photo of you in the cockpit with the runway in the background is unreal. Too scary!

Nicole said...

Congrats!! Good news all around!

Deb Legg said...

You're all so adorable!

Congrats on getting your first pick!

Hugs to you from this AF mom.

Mallory said...

Thank you ladies, we're very happy!

Mallory said...

Oh and Thank you Amy! - It's not a real runway or cockpit. It's a simulator :)

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