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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crazy 8s Month Three

I really did start this post on Friday when it was actually April 8th. Just saying.

Well, its that time of the month again... Crazy 8's time!!

You may remember the rules, but if not, click here. Last month I attempted to do something around the house every week. Three somethings, actually. I think I did a pretty good job. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I was imagining new furniture, bedspreads, dogs (okay maybe not dogs), but what I got was a cleaner house.

Yes, most of my time was devoted to cleaning, organizing, and cleaning. I cleaned out closets, I organized bookshelves, I cleared out the refrigerator, and I CLEANED the oven. Cleaned it. It's beautiful.

But moving on...Crazy 8s Challenge of the month - food.

I was going to say "No processed food for a month."

But when I said it, I realized I could NOT do that. Sadly, it's true. I'd need a lot more time to prepare, as well as make my husband move out for a month, because I doubt J would do that.

So then I started thinking about different options. What could I do? What could I do that is not as extreme? And I figured it out.

I want to try really hard to eat natural foods. Things that I could make. I want to look at labels and recognize all the ingredients. ALL of them. We'll see how this goes!

There are a few exceptions.

1. Peanut butter. I need it, I love it, it's my after workout snack, and I like Jif.

2. Cereal. Sorry. But I am cutting back on cereal for the month.

3. Going out to eat. We've got friends moving, birthday parties, and BBQ festivals. It's going to be hard to stick to my Crazy 8s Challenge when we're out celebrating. So I'm not going to worry myself with that.

4. Anything else that I really really need.

So check it. I hope I can get through this month, and even carry this on further. I hope to feel healthier. I hope to feel better. I hope to do this 100%.

And because photo-less posts are boring... This rose was free and lasted 3 weeks. You read that correctly, 3 weeks. On my table, in a milk jug. Crazy, huh? It even started growing little growths. Technical terms. It was so cool!

So what's your Crazy8s Challenge this month?

1 comment:

Anastasia said...

I'm going to go running every day for a whole month! I don't know if I'm starting today or tomorrow, I'll let you know.

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