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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're in the Blogosphere!

Hello everyone.

We're trying something new out here in Colorado. We recently found out our very first base assignment (Vance AFB in Enid, OK, but more about that in a minute) and I realized that we had to share the "exciting" news with everyone. This daunting task of emailing/calling everyone we knew would care about this pushed me into finally creating this blog (I've been saying I wanted to make one for a while now). I am going to try my hardest to keep you updated (through this blog) on all the happenings of our busy life. So check back frequently! (My goal is at least 3 posts a week)

So, as for Vance AFB. Jon and I do not know when we are moving, but we do finally know where it is going to be! Enid, OK is a small town of 48,000 people in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. As this was our LAST choice of base options, neither of us were very excited about it when we first heard, BUT after talking to some people who are stationed there now, and people who are stationed elsewhere, it sounds like we actually got the best base option! Lucky us! We are both actually pretty excited to live in Enid now (over 30 parks for me and the puppy!) especially because we finally have a place to begin our Air Force life. Stay posted, I will let you know when we are headed into the tornado zone.


Eileen said...

Such a cute idea! I'll have to come to you for help making a wedding website when we finally pick a date. Jon's lucky you're creative and are keeping everyone updated on your lives. He better get on here for a view posts too though!

Jeremy said...

It's cool - you guys were way too cool for FL anyhow.

:c P

Can't wait for more updates!!

matt said...


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