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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's not even March yet!

Snow! For three days now it has snowed non-stop making our backyard a white-washed wall of mountain. As beautiful as it is, it reminds us (ironically) of our honeymoon in Jamaica. We're reminded of the warm, humid, tropical smelling air, the cool afternoon rains, and the bright blue waters of the Caribbean. We miss the laid back atmosphere, the poolside bars and the Island accents. Which is why we are moving to Jamaica...sometime...

But it has been beautiful in Fort Collins. After a late morning breakfast in the Cottage under the Hill, we watched Duke run rampant through the two feet of snow in the back yard, finished cleaning the house and played Yahtzee! I know we both will be sad to leave this house and our simple life, for the business of Active Duty, and the intense study hours Undergraduate Pilot Training. It's been great having our own place, secluded in the Foothills of the Colorado Rockies, cozy and warm. While the continued snow makes shoveling a pain, the way it makes the world look is worth it. Now it's off to trudge through the white wonderland with the pup.


AJD. said...

Um. I'll move to Jamaica with you. Please.

Jonathan & Mallory said...

Deal. Really. I'll start sending you the houses I find.

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