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Thursday, February 18, 2010


We started getting snow very early last October. This was pretty early for us here in Fort Collins. So needless to say, both Jon (who has to do snow removal at 4:30 am - on CSU's campus) and I are ready for spring. No more snow, no more cold, no more wind. Bring on the rain and flowers.

Luckily, whenever it snows, I am reminded at how much I really love it. It's so quiet and peaceful outside when it's snowing. And not to mention beautiful. Duke and I ventured out this afternoon to shovel the driveway before Jon got home, and he reminded me of another aspect of snow: FUN. This puppy was running as fast as he could straight into snow drifts. He was digging in the snow with his nose. He was standing directly where I was tossing the snow. Because of all the fun Duke was having, I realized I hadn't made a snowman in quite a long time. So...

And for those of you who want to see Duke more than my snowman...

1 comment:

AJD. said...

Hahahaha. Both photos are awesome. You're so creative putting a rope around your snowman's neck [that sounds morbid]... Duke has fantastic ears, too!

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