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Friday, March 4, 2011

Whoop, there it is!

Here we go, just as I promised: I'm sorry.

Sometimes I get so caught up in design blogs (which are the majority of the blogs I read... one day I'll admit to how many blogs I read weekly..) that I feel like this blog just isn't cutting it. I don't have my bookcase makeover done. I have pallets just sitting against my house. No window in my house has curtains. I haven't found the perfect rug, or figured out how to make it yet.

So I don't post on those days. I don't feel like I have anything to write about. I feel like one more picture of my dog, and all of you will unbookmark me. One more day without an update on the office, and you'll lose interest.

But yesterday, I realized something. This blog is called R. Simple Life. You know what that R stands for? Recor. Yep. ME. And J. And Duke. And Calvin. And one day, hopefully there will be more, but for now this blog is about 2 people and 2 pets.

Not about 1 house. Not about 2 bedrooms. Not about 12 picture frames. Not about 3 pallets. About us. And I'm pretty sure most of my readers (hi Grandma!) will be just as excited to hear about J's flying, or my running, or Calvin's tap dancing (okay, maybe that's a little far) as they are about a new dresser, or a DIY duvet, or a handmade scarf.

Now, don't get me wrong. My favorite things to blog about are things I do with my own two hands. I love to find inspiration in the most common of things. I also like to pass along that inspiration to others who can't afford to buy a console table for their entry way, or to those who don't think they can sew. Interior design is one of my favorite subjects to talk/blog/think about (along with weddings, of course). So I do love to feature DIY (do-it-yourself... I just found out my mom didn't know what that meant. So in case you didn't either...) projects, and decorating tips, and new furniture.

But I also love to talk/blog/think about the fact that J is flying 10 feet or less away from another airplane this afternoon (more on that next week). Or Calvin's tap dancing habits. Or Duke's frisbee, walking, and sleeping schedules. Or my job. Or Oklahoma. Or everything else in my life.

So my apology today is for neglecting my blog on days when I don't feel inspired. For those of you who read this blog just to stay close, I'm sure you would appreciate a picture with 40 words, rather than no post at all. So I will do better. I am promising you that.

My desk is much cleaner than this now, but just to keep it real... Sometimes my desk looks like this.


Rochelle said...

My blog is the same way. Sometimes I blog about cleaning and organizing and sometimes it's about how frustrating my kids/husband are!! I would love to have a blog business where all I talk about is one topic and make a great living at it. But like you said- it's about my life and if no one likes it I guess they don't have to follow me. Maybe that's why I like your blog. It's a little bit of everything...

Mallory said...

Thanks Rochelle. I work for a blog, so I already get that blogger lifestyle living, and I just need to remember that MY blog is about MY life, while the blog I work for is a bit more focused :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Katie Bower's. I don't usually read all the comments, but I read yours and popped over here to check out your blog. Love what I see so far, and will be back to dig a little deeper! There's definitely a connection, because when I saw "Enid, OK" I knew you (or your husband) were in the Air Force! My husband was stationed at Ft. Sill (Army, of course) and we were there four years. So Oklahoma has a special place in my heart and I got to know it fairly well (well, for a WA girl) in the few years we lived there. Josh is out now and we're back home in Washington. I do have a blog, but it's all messy, so I'll just sign anonymous for now.

Keep up the good work!

Mallory said...

Welcome Laura! Thanks so much for introducing yourself, I love hearing about new readers. Oklahoma is a place that you can definitely learn to love. Although I am excited for the prospect of our next assignment as well :-)

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