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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Early for Santa...

But is it too early for fall? We've got a high of 87 today, 96 tomorrow, but yesterday it was nice and cool, rainy and Halloween-y. So my question is this: When can I get away with decorating for fall?


AJD. said...

Have you seen Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine? I drooled. Literally. Almost. Haha. Drooling's gross. But the magazine gave me an idea for my costume [we don't even have a party to attend yet]. WOOT WOOT!

Mallory said...

No!! I have been making weekly visits to Hastings (like Borders, but not as good) so I can look at magazines and Jon can study, but for some reason I have not come across that one yet... I know whats top of my list this week! I was going to be Yoshi, but as we don't have a party to attend, I don't think I want to put that much time/creativity/money into a costume, so I'll have to rethink.

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