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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!

As summer fades into fall, we Recor's get a little more excited. I have a theory that every person's favorite season is the season in which they were born. J is fall, and I am winter. So you can imagine the excitement this morning when we saw the sky was nice and gray and we could smell the rain in the air.

I'm still not sure what to expect with Oklahoma falls, but I am still excited about bringing out the boots, sweaters, and jeans. About going to the corn maze. About carving pumpkins. About the leaves changing (even if it is only to brown). And then... about winter being that much closer.

You'll remember my quandary on when to change to fall decor. Well after much discussion, I decided to wait until the first day of fall. And since that just so happens to be today, I thought a quick table switch was necessary. From summer to fall. Early fall. Because once we get pumpkins, it's changing again!


To early fall! Do apples signify fall to anyone else, or is that just me?

Are you ready for fall? As excited as we are? Is my theory correct? Think about it... what is your favorite season, and does that match your birthday?? Has anyone else started Autumn-izing their house??


inhisgrip44 said...

So I love seeing the pics and I love the decor and it amazes me how talented you are!! But I get a smile every time i read a post because you are a GREAAAAAT writer!! Just saying....
Love ya Mallory, my DIL!!!

tnk said...

No. Not correct. Fall is BY FARRRRRR my favourite and my birthday is in July. I hate July weather. I hate sun. I hate heat. I loves sweaters, boots, leaves, Thanksgiving, baking, Halloween, and pumpkin spice chai. I love you.

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