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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

M v. J

Over here at the Recor House, we have a little tradition this time of year. No, we don't celebrate fall with a trip to the apple orchard. No, we don't do "fall cleaning" (although... that's an idea...). We do picks.

Football picks, that is. Every week, we choose which teams are going to win that week. And then we watch football all Sunday. (Yes, we have NFL Sunday Ticket, so we get to see our Lions). This year, we added soup to the mix. A new soup, every Sunday.

Now, football picks would be rather boring if the winner didn't get something. So, we make it interesting. Loser has to make the bed for the whole week. All by himself. It doesn't matter who is making the bed this week, what does matter is that I was not making it last week. Or pretty much all last season.

Seriously, I spanked J last year (in a completely G rated way). I destroyed him in picks, which frustrates him just a little as he does research and research before his picks, while I pick the team I like better. Whether I like them because of their colors (Eagles), their Quarterback is hilarious (Colts), I like their mascot (49ers), or they just sound like Voldemort (Ravens - say Baltimore 4 times fast. You'll hear it), I have no rhyme to my reason.

But I win. So we're off to a new season, and so far, we have both made the bed for a week. Anyone else have a friendly wager on a football game? Or maybe you play Fantasy Football? I don't really understand how that works. I'll just stick to my picks.

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justin said...

im definitly coming back this season, ive had a rough few weeks, but i will beat you mallory, at least 1 week, and next season we should do a Recor fantasy football league, its very fun and we could get big O into it

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